Cpanel or DirectAdmin to control hosting😊

Cpanel is one of the top choice if we need to use a backend panel where we can configure our hosting functionality. The sleek design and most the functions are easily manageable but when it come to DirectAdmin it works OK, but lacks in terms of good UI and expandability like adding modules and doing custom code. Cpanel has a good administrative options regarding to custom code

Accessibility and Overall Working of Both
Although DirectAdmin gives you multiple menu options and which seems less overwhelming than cPanel, when you first login. On the other hand, cPanel makes it easy to find from its search option in the panel. For a newbie Cpanel  may seem overwhelming , but each module is in just broken into some draggable sections or categories, including:

  • Mail
  • Logs
  • Files
  • Domains
  • Security
  • Preferences
  • And More!

All the categories are collapsible and expandable, which makes easy to customize of the the look of your front page. Along with the categories, you can use the search function to help you find an option within cPanel.  On the other hand, DirectAdmin only uses three main sections, which are: Email Management, Advanced Features and Your Account.  This may seem like it’s easier, at first, but it becomes difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for within the admin area.

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