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We are registered with Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) , Govt of India vide UAM No- UP29D0014866

Sondiva Technologies known for Web Designing & Digital Marketing, is established in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, is a "Top Web Designing and Digital Marketing Company." For the past twelve years, we continuously delivered our web services in areas of creative and responsive website design, search engine marketing - SEO, and digital marketing.

Our own SSD Hosting Servers have been our main strength, and our staff continually analyses our own web servers for best-optimized services, speed, and scalability with optimum deliverability.

We, as a "Web Designing Company," have had exceptional experience dealing with several prominent firms from various industry sectors over the previous decade.

Our web design team has been both creative and professional, with the ability to design and execute unique ideas. We do provide a "Customised Web Designing Service" that enables you to distinguish yourselves from the competitors. Our team is committed to converting your vision into a wonderful idea with a good user UI/UX experience.

We are proud to boast that we have quite an expertise and with two decades of experience in E-Commerce, News Portals, and Informational sites to match customer requirements when it comes to Internet and Web Designing Services.

When it comes to choosing a web server to support various sorts of websites or portals that require different Hosting Resources, we understand the needs. Because not all solutions are suitable for everyone, we can customize your requirements with suitable budget-based solutions. Ecommerce websites require high-resource servers, whereas informational websites do not need quite so many resources until they get a considerable amount of traffic.

Some web applications, understandably, require more system resources, such as CPU and RAM; for example, a gaming site should be able to handle advanced graphics, but an E-Commerce site will need a payment-processing application as well as CPUs to balance the load and handle visitor traffic.

We also specialise in server optimisation from the roots up.

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All your Business needs is a Website.

We help you to establish Business Identity and Credibility by having a website which explains your services and Products.

Having a website is a die hard necessity for all Business Corporates, Small Businesses, Home based businesses and just anybody who is in process of selling products or services . Regardless of any marketing methods, enabling potential customers to either find you through a Google search without investing a fortune. Did you know, SEO and Digital Marketing is the cheapest form of advertising.

  • Having a business website Increases Sales multifold
  • Businesses gain credibility and Branding by having a website and Professional Email Id
  • A good responsive website is a backbone of your business, supporting all of your SEO and Digital Marketing efforts.
  • Did you know that, on website you can interact with clients live and convert visitors into sales.
  • Did you know that tweaking some files like images, css and JS on your website and server to make website load faster .
  • We have ultra blazing fast Linux SSD Servers optimised and maintained by our own team 24 x 7.
  • We provide Robust Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Servers within your budget





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